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Only 6000 years old? LOL!Only 6000 years old? LOL!Opinion on Creationism

The idea that the Universe and everything in it, including the Earth, is barely 6000 years old is as much nonsense as the idea that vaccines cause autism. Not a shred of reliable evidence can support the idea and it conflicts with research done in just about every field of human endeavour.

This statement will not be particularly shocking or surprising to most people, but some will claim that it is contrary to their religious beliefs and that only an arrogant, atheist scientist would challenge and mock those beliefs.

To those people I say that I do not challenge your belief in God, I only challenge your understanding of the Bible (or other religious text of choice). If you have chosen to interpret the Bible in a way that makes no sense, you are making a mockery of your own religion. If you feel that you know better than anyone else what the Bible means, then you are worse than arrogant, you are hubristic and an offense to God.

The universe is billions of years old and vaccines save lives and you only make yourself look foolish if you dispute the clear evidence.